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Everything on this website and much, much more is now available to purchase online at Now with worldwide delivery options!
Register your Kit
If you have purchased one of our Static Ship Kits (Nelsons Navy or the Heritage Series) either from us directly, from one of our distributors or your local / online model shop, please take a moment to 'register your kit'. This helps us to stay in touch with you if we make changes to the kit.
*Latest News*

*Latest News*

Recent developments:

Regular visitors here will be aware that there have been few updates made to our site for some time. Our recent program of expansion has put severe demands on our time but we have been able to benefit from the recent economic downturn and, while many businesses have downscaled, we have successfully taken advantage of various opportunities, investing in and expanding our business through the introduction of new products and adding to our range of distributed product lines.

The weak pound has also resulted in a surge of overseas orders for our own manufactured kits such as Nelsons Navy, Heritage Series and Caldercraft and it has been a constant struggle to increase our output to meet demand. In fact, the past 18-24 months has seen the greatest rate of expansion of the business since we began over 20 years ago!

We have invested in more manufacturing equipment and taken on new staff and, as a result, we are slowly getting ahead of things again. Regular customers will be pleased to know that we are now preparing releases for some of the new kits that have been held back recently.

We are also hoping to get back to more regular updating of our website as we have literally hundreds of new products to add. In the mean time, our current pricelist is available to download in PDF format from the 'Downloads' section of the website.


Latest Additions to our Distribution:

Raboesch Logo
EXCLUSIVE UK distribution of Raboesch Hobby Products - complete collection of super styrene profiles, strip and sheet. Also an extensive range of marine fittings including propellers, propeller shafts, bow thrusters, rudders and coupling units. Catalogues for Raboesch Hobby Products are available from the 'Downloads' section of the website.

Aeronaut Logo
UK distribution of Aero-Naut - exhaustive collection of model boat kits, fittings and accessories from this renowned German manufacturer.

Mamoli Logo
EXCLUSIVE UK distribution of Mamoli and Mini Mamoli - range of static plank-on-bulkhead ship kits and accessories manufactured in Italy.

Miniature Steam Logo
EXCLUSIVE EUROPEAN distribution of 'Miniature Steam' - exceptional quality model steam engines and accessories including oscillator engines, boilers, gas tanks, oil traps, ceramic burners etc.

Osborn Models Logo
EXCLUSIVE UK distribution of Osborn Models - selection of static and R/C model boat kits of vintage subjects.


New Products:

Aerokits Logo
The Aerokits Sea Commander
, a 34" cabin cruiser, is now available - details of future kit releases will be published in due course.

Admiralty Tools Logo
Admiralty Tools, range of high quality hand tools specifically developed for the modeller.



Currently in Development!

New Nelsons Navy Project, HMS Surprise (1796 - 1802) Ex L'Unite (1794) ~ Although famous in her own right, specifically for the cutting out of Hermione under Captain Edward Hamilton, she is also the ship on which Patrick O'Brian based HMS Surprise of the Aubrey / Maturin novels ~ on which the 2003 film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, was based.

View the prototype construction photos here.

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New Nelsons Navy Project, 74-Gun Ship ~ Details of the new 74-Gun ship project from Nelson's Navy - at a scale of 1:64, find out why this kit looks like setting new standards in accuracy and detailing!

New Aerokits Project, Sea Commander
~ Aerokits Sea Commander is currently under development, please check back soon for more details.

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New Kit Releases!

HM Schooner Pickle ~ Forever associated with Admiral Nelson’s final and most historic victory, the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, Pickle was chosen to carry the News of Nelson’s victory and death back to England.
With turned brass carronades, fully rigged and complete with walnut carriage assemblies, over 500 copper plates and ship's boats in high quality resin with walnut components and brass fittings including oars, grapnels and boat hooks, this is an exceptional beginner's kit full of unique detailing.
Now Available!

View the kit information here!

View the prototype construction photos here!
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HM Brig Badger ~ Badger is listed by the Royal Navy as a prize captured during the American War of Independance. Captured in 1777, she was sold out of service in 1783.
Although responsible for the general duties of a Brig - convoy duties, carrying dispatches, inshore reconnaissance and upholding trade agreements - Badger is remembered as the first command, and an important step, in the career of Horatio Nelson.
Now Available!

View the kit information here!

View the prototype construction photos here!

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H.M. Gunboat William 1795 (1:32). This hoy rigged gunboat was armed with 1x24pdr cannon, 2x12pdr carronades and a compliment of 25 men. Of special interest is the innovative design of an early form of turret mounting for the 24pdr cannon whereby the carriage is mounted on a bearing race of cannon balls.
Now Available!

View the kit information here!

View the prototype construction photos here!
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H.M. Bomb Vessel Granado 1756 (1:64)
By Caldercraft Nelsons Navy. Fully researched and detailed, this is the most historically accurate kit of Granado available.
Now Available!

View kit information here!

View the prototype construction photos here!

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To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at

To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at