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Marten, Howes and Baylis ~ Live Steam Model Boat Kits

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'Der SeeKadett' ~ Swiss Lake Launch:

The model is fitted with a twin cylinder, slide valve, reversing engine of 9mm bore X 9mm stroke. Steam is drawn from a large capacity, gas fired boiler, fitted with a safety valve, water column and pressure gauge. Steaming time is forty minutes at sustained high speed. The model has a fibreglass hull. The cabin and open areas are panelled in alternate pear and lime, stained to represent the mahogany and pine of the prototype. The saloon has a galley and w.c. The seats in the saloon are upholstered, the floor carpeted and there is a drop-leaf table. There are two steering positions, one in the forward cockpit and one in the centre cockpit. There are over 120 brass fittings and castings in the kit (no white metal is used) . These include such details as boathooks, doorplates and handles, tread plates, taps etc. At one twelfth scale there is plenty of scope for the miniaturist to add his or her's own personal touches.

Technical Data
Part No.

This fine model is based on a drawing in the 1912 catalogue of the long established company of Escher Wyss of Zürich.

Large colour pictures for Der Seekadett are currently unavailable but will be coming soon.

Main Side View

Foredeck detail showing brass jack staff, fairleads, bollards, deck rails and stanchions.

Forward cockpit and steering position. The grating hides a refillable gas tank.

The forward steering position is mounted on an acid etched stainless steel base having a chequer plate finish.

Boiler casing with dummy whistle, ventilators, forward steering position and stainless steel grating.

More detail of the boiler casing and the funnel which is cast in aluminium.

The boiler back plate showing pressure and water level gauges together with the steam shut off valve. The engine is twin cylinder double acting. The radio controlled throttle can be seen on the port side, its servo and the reversing servo being housed below the decking. To starboard is the exhaust oil separator. Note the midships steering position to starboard.

View of cabin side showing brass window frames, rigging screws and grab rails.

Cabin front, note recessed door. The side steering position can just be seen at the bottom left of the picture.

The forward end of the cabin showing the galley and heads.

The aft end of the cabin.

Aft cockpit, showing brass tiller, ensign staff and bollards, note the steering lines, these are led to the steering servo which is under the kitchen sink!

Aft cockpit showing rear cabin doors and seating.

Cast brass skeg, bronze propeller and aluminium rudder.

'Der Seekadett' underway.

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All pictures can be clicked on to view a larger colour version in a new window.


To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at

To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at