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Heritage Series

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H.M.A.V. Bounty :

Kit includes: CNC cut ply and walnut components throughout; Double planking in lime and walnut; copper plates for hull below water line; highly detailed brass etched sheet, including window frames, boat grapnels and oars; chainplate assemblies etc; detailed cast decoration; turned brass cannon; rigging thread in black and natural; full set of instruction plans and detailed instructions.

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Technical Data
Part No.

Bounty was made eternally famous by the mutiny against Captain William Bligh, on her way back from Tahiti in 1789. Bounty was a small merchant ship purchased and converted into a naval transport to carry breadfruit to the plantations of the West Indies.

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Bow, showing figurehead, headrail detail and scale anchor with rope.
click for larger image
Foredeck detail, showing the exact scale winch and ships bell.
click for larger image
Main top detail, showing the slotted tops ~ unique to the Bounty.
click for larger image
Mid-deck detail, showing one of the two exact scale plank on bulkhead ships boats.
click for larger image
Stern deck detail, showing the ships wheel and fully rigged steering gear.
click for larger image
Stern view, showing the exact scale decoration and flag locker.

View photos of a customer build HMAV Bounty and read their comments here.

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All pictures can be clicked on to view a larger colour version in a new window.


To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at

To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at